Consulting Services

-Forensic Flooring Failure Investigation

-Manufacturer Product Analysis

-Core Sample Removal

-Tensile Bond Testing (Pull Tests)
-Coefficient of Friction Testing (Slip Test)

ICRI Certified ASTM Moisture Testing

ASTM F-2170 - Insitu Relative Humidity

ASTM F-1869 - Calcium Chloride

ASTM F-2420 - Dome Testing

ASTM F-710  -  pH Testing

Who We Are

CFCC is a nationally recognized independent concrete and floor covering consulting firm.  Specializing in Forensic Flooring Failure Investigations, and Moisture Testing of concrete substrates in preparation for the installation of moisture sensitive adhesives, floor coverings, and coatings.

Service details

Forensic Flooring Failure Investigations

-Do you have a floor covering that is experiencing problems?  Identifying the root of the problem before a replacement ca save a floor from experiencing the same failure again.

-Many floor-covering failures end up in litigation as involved parties start pointing fingers.  CFCC provides an unbiased 3rd party assessment of the situation, in an attempt to avoid costly judicial consequences.

Moisture Testing

-On new construction, or before replacing a floor covering, accurate moisture testing is needed to confirm the use of all adhesives, primers, coating systems, and floor coverings.  Whether its carpets, resilient, VCT, wood, or epoxy; all floor coverings today have moisture limits.  Trust a certified professional to portray to you the current moisture levels in your concrete.

Concrete Core Removal and Testing

-The removal of a cylinder of concrete from a slab can provide information for a number of uses.  Moisture Vapor Barriers can be confirmed, and examined.  Laboratory analysis of the concrete elemental makeup is often required by manufactures.  Cores taken from the slab can be shipped to laboratories around the country if removed, handled, and shipped correctly.  When coring for laboratory analysis, special consideration and practices must be performed.  CFCC has cored hundreds of slabs, understands the correct methods, and know what the labs require.

Tensile Bond Testing (ASTM C-1583)

This testing method can confirm vertical strength of concrete, or coatings applied to the surface, such as moisture mitigation epoxies and floor covering adhesives.

Manufacturer Product Analysis

-Do you have a new product, and want it testing accurately, and honestly?  CFCC has decades of experience in the flooring industry, and the contacts around the nation to analyze materials, testing equipment, or anything else related to the flooring industry.

Coefficient of Friction Testing

Utilizing the Bot-3000, with ANSI B101.3 and ANSI A137.1 testing standards, CFCC provides accurate unbiased data driven results.

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Bill Lepito, Principle of CFCC, is a voting member of ASTM F-06 Flooring Committee, and a contributor to the ICRI Round Table on the Moisture Testing certification program.

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